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GMT Plus, s.r.o.

Moving Services, Cargo & Storage, Metal Processing Service

H-group Slovakia s.r.o.

Restaurants and Hospitality Services, Pubs and Inns, Restaurants, Car Repair Services, Motor

Chemkostav HSV Humenné, a.s.

Fast Foods, Pawn, Leasing, Wholesale and manufacture, Material for building, Rest Houses, Cast and Forged, Transport and forwarding, Leasing Companies, Designing, Processing, Restaurants, Car ...

Idos, a.s.

Cast and Forged, Wholesale and manufacture

IIHII s.r.o.

Human Resources Management and Consultancy, Custom Relation Managements, Financial Consultancy, Consulting, Accounting Consultancy, Management Consulting

IKF Service, s.r.o.

Realty Management, Real Estate, Wholesale and manufacture, Cast and Forged

Demidov Aleksandr, Ing.

Business monitoring, Wholesale and manufacture, Market Research

Stavoker - Ing. Ján Bagi

Auditors, Wholesale and manufacture, Bookkeeping and Tax Registry, Consulting, Bookkeeping and Tax, Accounting Consultancy

Vida Kristián Ing.

Computer, Technology Consulting

Stab - Ing. Marian Barkóczi

Retailing, Food Projects, Wholesale and manufacture, Cast and Forged

Dreko - Ing. Milan Salát

Pawn, Leasing, Office Cleaning, Accommodation, Advertisement Agents, Flat and Houses Cleaning, Telecommunication Operators

KG-Stav - Ing. Pavol Koroľ

Pubs and Inns, Restaurants, Transport and forwarding, Restaurants and Hospitality Services


Custom Software Development

Strechy VG - Ing. Vladislav Grešo

Retailing, Wholesale and manufacture

Invex, spol. s r.o.

Cast and Forged, Wholesale and manufacture
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