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Ferenčík Martin

Computer, Computer Related Projects

Marko Martin


Bratislavská dopravná agentúra s.r.o.

Wholesale and manufacture, Cast and Forged

Osobná automobilová doprava Sigi - Martin Sigotský

Restaurants, Restaurants and Hospitality Services, Pubs and Inns, Glaziers, Wholesale and manufacture, Painters

Mibel, s.r.o.

Administrative Services, Flat and Houses Cleaning, Realty Management, Advertisement Agents, Real Estate, Office Cleaning

Krišanda Milan

Wholesale and manufacture, Joiners

Kurovský Milan

Fast Foods, Meat and Poultry, Restaurants, Food Projects, Alcohol, Refreshments, Rest Houses, Cigarette and Tobacco, Retailing


Car Repair Services, Cast and Forged, Fast Foods, Restaurants, Wholesale and manufacture, Motor, Rest Houses

Štrbko Milan

Wholesale and manufacture, Cast and Forged

Jomi Car - Miloš Kohút

Painters, Glaziers

MK Transport - Miroslav Koštial

Business monitoring, Market Research

Oršulová Miroslava

Cast and Forged, Wholesale and manufacture

MS Plus, s.r.o.

Wholesale and manufacture, Cast and Forged

Opatrovateľky, s.r.o.

Leasing Companies, Real Estate, Cargo & Storage, Special civil engineering work, Packaging & Printing Service, Chocolate Ingredients, Sugar & Sweeteners, Canned Food, Printing and Publishing, ...
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