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2M Capital, s.r.o.

Packaging & Printing Service

3xK s.r.o.

Building Services, Building Constructions, Wholesale and manufacture, Cast and Forged

4mediX, s.r.o.

Photography Services, Management Consulting, Film Production, Photography Outfit Rentals, Financial Consultancy, Consulting, Web hosting Services, Video studios, Custom Relation Managements, Human ...

A-LED, s.r.o.

Cast and Forged, Wholesale and manufacture

Adec, s.r.o.

Building Constructions, Flat and Houses Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Building Services, Education & Training

Adrian Borš

Wholesale and manufacture, Car Rentals, Leasing Companies, Machining, Retailing, Joiners, Woodworking, Cast and Forged, Pawn, Leasing, Motor, Transport and forwarding

Adrián Ďuriš Elado

Real Estate, Wholesale and manufacture, Cast and Forged, Painters, Special civil engineering work, Motor, Transport and forwarding, Restaurants and Hospitality Services, Glaziers, Pubs and Inns, ...

Aisa Slovakia, s.r.o.

Petroleum and Products, Measurement and control, Leasing Companies, Cast and Forged, Wholesale and manufacture, Car Rentals, Pawn, Leasing, Magazines, Newspaper, Motor

Alena Ravasová

Wholesale and manufacture, Accounting Consultancy, Bookkeeping and Tax Registry, Cast and Forged, Auditors, Bookkeeping and Tax, Consulting

Alena Sedláková - Firma SEAK

Ceramics, Wholesale and manufacture, Embroidery & Crafts Textile, Knitting Fabrics, Designing, Processing, Art Pottery, Cast and Forged

Alexander Radosa - Satex

CDs, Records & Tapes, Pubs and Inns, Restaurants, Computer Related Projects, Restaurants and Hospitality Services, Computer, Web hosting Services, Custom Software Development

Alfleth Engineering spol. s r.o.

Cast and Forged, Retailing, Wholesale and manufacture, Special civil engineering work

Alojz Filek

Glaziers, Designing, Processing, Restaurants and Hospitality Services, Tiling, Cast and Forged, Floor, Pubs and Inns, Painters, Woodworking, Building Coating, Wholesale and manufacture, Flooring ...

Video studios, Air Treatment and Conditioning, Real Estates, Office Building, Cast and Forged, Movies, Plumbers and Heating Engineers, Office Technology, Computer, Property, Computer Related ...

Andrej Bobocký AB - Servis

Computer, Computer Related Projects, Custom Software Development, Garment Accessories

Andrej Masár

Special civil engineering work, Painters, Glaziers

Andrej Molnár - MolAnd-EMP

Cast and Forged, Transport and forwarding, Wholesale and manufacture

Andrej Prosňanský

Wholesale and manufacture, Hardware and Tools, Cast and Forged, Property, Retailing, Furniture, Hardware & Accessory

Anton Belis Tony

Cast and Forged, Glaziers, Painters, Wholesale and manufacture

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