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Andrej Maťokár

Car Repair Services, Motor, Wholesale and manufacture, Cast and Forged

Andrej Monček

Wholesale and manufacture

Andrej Mutňanský

Testing and R and D labs, Flooring services, Tiling, Building Coating, Glaziers, Joiners, Painters, Pavement and Tiles Layers, Floor

Andrej Selecký

Wholesale and manufacture

Andrej Suchý

Painters, Glaziers

Andrej Šimkulič

Plumbers and Heating Engineers, Air Treatment and Conditioning, Air-conditioner

Andrej Švehla


Andrej Turoň

Designing, Processing, Optical Instrument and Parts

Andrej Zelník - Amcora

Hardware & Accessory, Wholesale and manufacture, Furniture, Cast and Forged, Hardware and Tools, Apartment, Villas

Andrex s.r.o

Real Estate, Bicycles, Designing, Processing, Advertisement Agents, Realty Management, Medical Equipment, Bicycle Parts, Bicycles & Parts, Education & Training

Andrzej Wartak

Pawn, Leasing, Wholesale and manufacture, Cast and Forged

Animal - P, s.r.o.

Computer, Technology Consulting, Realty Management, Real Estate

Ankip J.P., s.r.o.

Advertisement Agents, Wholesale and manufacture

Anna Čillingová

Cigarette and Tobacco, Wholesale and manufacture, Cast and Forged, Retailing, Food Projects, Refreshments, Alcohol

Anna Klimková - Kaderníctvo - Anna

Rest Houses, Restaurants, Cast and Forged, Fast Foods, Wholesale and manufacture

Anna Lukšová

Restaurants and Hospitality Services, Restaurants, Retailing, Cast and Forged, Pubs and Inns, Wholesale and manufacture

Anna Mitášová-AMZ

Cast and Forged, Retailing, Wholesale and manufacture

Anna Mojdisová - HODINÁRSTVO

Cast and Forged, Wholesale and manufacture

Anna Motyčková - Texam

Flat and Houses Cleaning, Pubs and Inns, Web hosting Services, Restaurants, Wholesale and manufacture, Computer, Computer Related Projects, Office Cleaning, Restaurants and Hospitality Services

Anna Szendrödiová

Retailing, Cast and Forged, Food Projects, Meat and Poultry, Wholesale and manufacture

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