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APIS spol. s r.o. Veľké Kapušany

Automobile and Parts Agent, Transport and forwarding, Spare parts for motorcars, Advertisement Agents, Designing, Processing


Cast and Forged, Pawn, Leasing, Wholesale and manufacture

Artemis MAX, s.r.o.

Cast and Forged, Wholesale and manufacture

Asta trade, s.r.o.

Realty Management, Pubs and Inns, Rest Houses, Cast and Forged, Fast Foods, Real Estate, Restaurants, Wholesale and manufacture, Restaurants and Hospitality Services

Attila Tóth

Car Repair Services, Glaziers, Cast and Forged, Restaurants and Hospitality Services, Pubs and Inns, Transport and forwarding, Motor, Freight, Cargo transport, Animal Fodders, Restaurants, Painters, ...

Autohal, s.r.o.

Measurement and control, Accessories


Wholesale and manufacture, Market Research, Cast and Forged, Business monitoring, Fast Foods, Rest Houses, Retailing, Restaurants

BARELA, spol. s r.o.

Retailing, Wholesale and manufacture, Computer, Bookkeeping and Tax, Painters, Bookkeeping and Tax Registry, Glaziers, Auditors, Accounting Consultancy, Technology Consulting

Bc. Jitka Bařinková - Intermont Slovakia

Business monitoring, Market Research, Wholesale and manufacture, Retailing

Fotovideo štúdio Nostalgia - Beáta Vavreková

Wholesale and manufacture, Vegetable, Cast and Forged, Pubs and Inns, Rest Houses, Fast Foods, Fruit, Restaurants, Restaurants and Hospitality Services

Bemik, s.r.o. Rožňavské Bystré

Technology Consulting, Cast and Forged, Wholesale and manufacture, Computer

BIO - FINIŠ s.r.o.

Cast and Forged, Woodworking, Real Estate, Outerwear, Pubs and Inns, Fast Foods, Joiners, Restaurants and Hospitality Services, Business monitoring, Market Research, Retailing, Glaziers, Wholesale ...

Capella, s.r.o.

Cast and Forged, Wholesale and manufacture, Building Machinery Services

CK JUVENTOUR & Italia La Mia Passione Club

Wholesale and manufacture, Building Services, Apartment, Villas, Building Constructions

Ciera, s.r.o.

Auditors, Leasing Companies, Motor, Printing and Publishing, Business monitoring, Car Rentals, Pawn, Leasing, Wholesale and manufacture, Bookkeeping and Tax Registry, Accounting Consultancy, Market ...

Citadela plus, s.r.o.

Hardware & Accessory, Cast and Forged, Hardware and Tools, Furniture, Wholesale and manufacture, Apartment, Villas

CK M.a.T.-Tour, s.r.o.

Realty Management, Fast Foods, Retailing, Rest Houses, Wholesale and manufacture, Restaurants, Real Estate

Coop Jednota Michalovce, spotrebné družstvo

Human Resources Management and Consultancy, Financial Consultancy, Cast and Forged, Management Consulting, Real Estate, Wholesale and manufacture, Realty Management, Freight, Cargo transport, Custom ...

Cooperation & Services, s.r.o.

Realty Management, Real Estate

CORP s.r.o.

Wholesale and manufacture, Machining, Cast and Forged

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